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TRX2 is proven to get Potassium channels in the hair follicles working again to thicken and strengthen hair.


The increase in active follicles gives greater density of hair.


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The recent discovery that potassium ion channels exist within the dermal papilla cells of human hair follicles provided a novel therapeutic target for researchers. Potassium ion channels have been implicated in a vast array of diseases ranging from Hepatitis C to Diabetes. These small pore-forming protein structures control the transport of potassium ions across the hair follicle’s cell membranes and are essential for maintaining the follicle’s full biological activity and function.

Scientists have demonstrated that as people experience hair loss the function of potassium channels within hair follicles diminishes. The effect is impaired membrane potential and interrupted ion transportation across the hair follicle’s cellular membranes – resulting in shrinking follicles and thinning hair.

Based on this research, TRX2 devised an elegant solution for stimulating hair growth on a molecular level: The rejuvenation of potassium ion channels within hair follicles.

TRX2® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement consists of natural substances that our body normally manufactures at sufficient levels in healthy hair, but at insufficient quantities as we experience hair loss. TRX2 ® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement is a patent-pending composition of normal metabolites that has been shown in laboratory experiments to help reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth by:

1. Maintaining the membrane potential of hair follicles

2. Stimulating the de novo synthesis of potassium channels

3. Restoring potassium channel activity & functionality

4. Hyperpolarizing hair follicles

TRX2® promotes the hair follicles health and growth on a molecular level

Boosting Energy Levels in Hair Follicles

In 2007Foitzik et al. demonstrated that L-carnitine-L-tartrate promotes human hair growth; suggesting that L-carnitine stimulates scalp hair growth by up regulation of proliferation and down-regulation of apoptosis in follicular cells. TRX2 ® products are the first to use Potassium and L-carnitine-L-tartrate as part of their active ingredients for treating hair loss.

Research shows that L-carnitine-L-tartrate stimulates hair growth by increasing the energy supply to the massively proliferating and insatiable anagen hair matrix – energy that is also required for the full biological activity of potassium channels in hair follicles.

Maintaining The Cell Membrane Potential of Hair Follicles

The membrane potential is the result of differing voltage between the inner and outer surfaces of a cell’s membrane. This process requires energy-driven potassium channels to move charge against a gradient. The dermal papilla cells of a healthy hair follicle (one containing sufficient potassium channels) have maximum membrane potential, sustaining the highest level of biological activity. However, as we experience hair loss, the membrane potential of these dermal papilla cells is diminished – a result of the impaired functionality of potassium channels within the hair follicle.

TRX2® contains a compound that stimulates the synthesis of cardiolipin, a key component of the plasma membrane of dermal papilla cells in hair follicles. Cardiolipin plays a crucial role in maintaining the potential and integrity of hair follicle cell membranes. In short, TRX2 ® provides the ideal lipid environment for potassium channels to flourish and function at peak efficiency.

Stimulating de novo Synthesis of Potassium Channels in Hair Follicles

The specific potassium channel found in human hair follicles has three major amino acid components: L-Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine (often referred to as BCAA).

By incorporating these components into our proprietary complex, the BioLabs team has successfully found a way to replenish the membrane potential of hair cells and stimulate the synthesis of new potassium channels within hair follicles.

Stimulating Potassium Channel Activity & Functionality

Physiologically, the potassium channels of hair follicles are regulated by intracellular levels of nucleotides (e.g., ATP and ADP). Therefore, the electrical activity of a cell’s membrane is linked to its metabolism; a relationship that controls many diverse cellular functions.

The TRX2® composition contains several sources of ATP. TRX2® activates the transport of high-energy, food-derived products into the body’s mitochondria, where they are ultimately converted into ATP. This captured energy revitalizes potassium channels and is necessary for the regulation of ion transport across the cellular membranes.

Promotion of Hair Growth by Hyperpolarizing Hair Follicles

The TRX2® complex, similar to the FDA approved treatment minoxidil (Rogaine™, Regaine™ or RIUP™), has several properties of known potassium channel openers. By hyperpolarizing the hair follicle’s plasma membranes, TRX2 ® increases the size of shrunken follicles – resulting in longer, thicker and significantly more hair over the course of treatment. However, unlike minoxidil the TRX2 ® complex does not cause unwanted side-effects.

The proprietary composition contains a natural compound, nicotinic acid, which is structurally related to minoxidil. In combination with the other TRX2 ® compounds, nicotinic acid helps keep potassium channels open over time and supports the growth of healthy follicles.

Listed below are some of the specific beneficial effects observed at the cellular level:

Cellular level

    1. Increased membrane potential of dermal papilla cells in hair follicles
    2. De novo synthesis of potassium channels
    3. Enhanced potassium channel activity & functionality
    4. Hyperpolarized hair follicles

This product is specifically designed for customers suffering from the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1-4). Some of the benefits reported by those who regularly take three TRX2 ® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement capsules per day include:

Visual level

    • The cessation of hair loss
    • The promotion of hair growth – including frontal region and temple area
    • Visibly stronger & thicker hair shafts

Disclaimer: Individuals suffering from alopaecia as a result of something other than Potassium channel issues may not achieve the same reversal or cessation of hair loss as the research has determined.