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Quinton Marine Plasma

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“For me, Quinton marine plasma is a true Youth Plasma. It is the elixir of life – both at the cellular level and at the macro level for the body.”
Marie-Jose Stelling Ph.D., Director of the Haematological Institute of Switzerland

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"TOTUM SPORT keeps me hydrated, focused and able to drive hard throughout the whole day's qualifying and racing. I take TOTUM SPORT for recovery too and I no longer feel any muscle fatigue the day after racing like I used to."
Nick Holden, British Endurance Racing Driver

  • “Quinton is not only safe for pregnant women and infants, it supports a foundation for health and development in children. All three of my sons began getting straight As in school and began excelling in sports.”
    – Roy Dittman, OMD, MH
    Peri-natal coach and author of "Brighton Baby: A Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child"
  • “For me, Quinton marine plasma is a true Youth Plasma. It is the elixir of life – both at the cellular level and at the macro level for the body.”
    – Marie-Jose Stelling Ph.D.,
    Director of the Haematological Institute of Switzerland
  • "I find that my patient’s chiropractic adjustments last longer and are more profound with Quinton. I love the product myself and feel more energized when I need to be and more relaxed at the same time."
    – Har Hari Khalsa
    Chiropractor, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
  • "Following the results obtained so far in our investigation, it is conceivable that Quinton products may be used in many diseases, not only as preventive and palliative treatment, but also complementing other drugs to reduce their adverse effects."
    – Dr. José Miguel Sampere
    Medical Doctor and Associate Professor of Biotechnology, University of Alicante, 25th October 2012
  • "The works of Pasteur bring us a conscious conception of disease. Those of Quinton bring us a conception of health. What is Pasteur's approach? It's a drug particular to one illness; a drug that attacks a given microbe and no other. What is Quinton's approach? It's a Marine Plasma that doesn't attack any particular microbe except that it gives the organic cell the strength to fight all of them!"
    – L’Intransigeant
    French daily newspaper, 1907
  • “For decades it has been the secret advantage for some of the worlds greatest athletes. Quinton [now branded as Totum Sport] delivers increased speed, strength and endurance. It is a must for athletes and exercise enthusiasts.”
    – Chuck DeBus
    World class speed coach to over 177 World Championship and Olympic Athletes

Quinton Marine Plasma

The healing power of seawater has been known since the ancient times of Pythagorus and Hippocrates who first advised us to use it to treat the individual and not the disease. The innate ability of seawater to support the body through recovery to optimal health is once again being recognised and backed by science.

In 1904, René Quinton showed that Quinton Isotonic is almost identical physically, chemically and physiologically to our milieu intérieur and provides the optimum conditions for red blood cells (RBCs) and leukocytes (White Blood Cells) and other blood fractions. Quinton carried out a variety of in vitro experiments in which he kept RBCs and leukocytes (WBCs) alive in Quinton Isotonic longer than the most advanced manufactured culture mediums are able to achieve today. In the case of WBCs they retained amoebic activity and adherence behaviour for over one month.

By 1910 almost 70 clinics were opened in France dedicated to dispensing Quinton and saved more than half a million lives. These clinical results were published and the subjects followed for over 15 years.

Of course it is the provision of optimal interior conditions within the body that enables the body to heal itself most efficiently. Indeed the latest research on DNA suggests that genes are expressed according to the cellular environment which would appear to suggest that nurture will often trump nature in terms of importance.

In 2007, TD - Roger's trusted terrier had become unwell and appeared to be going downhill rapidly with kidney failure. Through making enquiries within his worldwide contacts, Roger was recommended to try Quinton Marine Plasma. TD made a full recovery within 2 weeks and went on to live another 3 years until he was nearly 17 years old taking no medication other than Quinton Isotonic.

QMP helps return the body to its proper natural mineral balance and allows the body to recover from a wide range of medical dis-eases. Quinton Marine Plasma was successfully used primarily in France to treat Flu epidemics, cholera, TB, eczema, psoriasis and liver disease amongst many other documented successes throughout the 20th Century. The nasal sprays are excellent for allergies and sinusitis and are fast being recognised for health maintenance on a par with brushing teeth etc.

Roger uses Quinton Isotonic which is the more diluted version of QMP to support the body through recovery from various conditions with great effect. It holds the bio-resonance frequencies produced by the e-Lybra very well and can be used to treat Sweet Itch and various other allergies very successfully. It supports whatever healing processes are required and is the perfect complement to the Stem Cell Nutritional products. It is one of the mainstay products that Roger recommends to help the body through the more serious conditions he is often asked to help with.

For further information on the vast array of uses for Quinton check out

Totum Sport

Totum Sport is a double 20ml ampoule with foil lid presentation of Quinton Hypertonic. Take it before, during and after sport/exercise to maximise your performance and maintain mineral balance and hydration. This product has been used in F1 and at top International level in many different sports including athletics, boxing, football, tennis and many more so you can have supreme confidence that it is safe and it works.